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PPI Refund Calculator

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding payment protection insurance claims is how much a person will get from their claim. The reasonable answer to this question is that it depends. It will depend upon how much of your monthly payment was specifically for payment insurance and how many months you have made payment. As you also receive insurance on this amount, the time period when you made these payments is important information as well. Using our PPI refund calculator you can work out roughly how much you are owed.

Using the PPI refund calculator you should include how much your loan repayment is equivalent to. Some PPI policies meant that borrowers were paying as much as 40% of their monthly premium towards their PPI policy. The PPI refund calculator assumes a 20% PPI rate and it also assumes that you paid payment protection throughout the full duration of your loan or other financial agreement. This may not be the case in your particular instance and if your circumstances differ to this it means that you are likely to receive a different amount.

Use the PPI refund calculator to determine roughly how much you may be owed. If you wish to proceed with making a reclaim then let us know the individual details of each of your loans and we will attempt to reclaim your money along with interest on top of this value.

Guardian PPI Claims is a team of professional claims handlers. Use our calculator to help you do the maths and determine whether you should pursue and chase a refund or not.