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Capital One PPI Claims

The PPI mis-selling scandal brought to light the underhanded tactics that agents and sales staff used in order to ensure that they sold as many payment protection policies as possible. Lenders were found to have misinformed and coerced their customers into taking these highly lucrative but often useless policies out. The PPI principle is a good one but only if the policy purchase is relevant and beneficial to the buyer. Capital One PPI claims offer a way for you to reclaim the payments that you have made to your policy along with interest on top of that value.

Capital One PPI claims can total several thousands of pounds. Typical refund values are around £2,5000 but the actual amount you can reclaim will depend on the size of your loan, the length of time you have been repaying it, and when you purchased the loan. If you have multiple products then you will be able to submit multiple claims too so that you can receive all of the money back that you have paid towards these policies.

Contact Guardian PPI claims today if you believe you have viable Capital One PPI claims. You may be entitled to receive thousands of pounds in refunds, interest, and compensation and the sooner you act, the sooner you should receive the money back in your account. We are a team of friendly and professional claims handlers with a high acceptance rate and we provide our customers with regular progress updates so you can be certain that you always know what stage your claim is at.

Recently won cases:

> Mr H successfully claimed £18,000 from Firstplus
> Mr and Mrs D successfully claimed £3,012 from RBS

Why choose Guardian PPI Claims:

> One of the highest PPI reclaim success rates
> If your Claim is unsuccessful, you pay nothing
> Original copy of your agreement is not required

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You'll receive regular updates from us on how your PPI Claim is progressing, ensuring the pressure is on the banks to pay up.